01 May 2009 ~ 0 Comments

I’ll get an iPhone When it comes out on Verizon

I’m an iPhone developer and I don’t have an iPhone. I use 2nd gen iPod touch(running iPhone OS, 3.0) and it gets the job done. A lot of times people ask why I don’t have an iPhone and my answer is ” I’ll get an iPhone when it comes out on Verizon, around 2011/2012″. There are finally rumors floating around of apple in talks with Verizon Wireless to sell the iPhone on the most dependable 3G network. I’ve been saying that The iPhone is going to be on Verizon for over a year and here is why-

  1. Apple wanted the iPhone to be on Verizon in the first place and got turned down
  2. EVERYONE(other than Sprint) is going to LTE for 4G and right now people can jailbreak their iPhone and put it on T-Mobile, but Verizon is a lot bigger. If it’s still only for AT&T people can put it on Verizon anyway, but Apple won’t get any money.
  3. Verizon is becoming a much better choice.
    1. It’s the biggest cell phone carrier in the U.S after the acquisition of Alltel
    2. It has most of the 700 MHZ spectrum that was used for analog TV. Meaning it will be able to reach everywhere that TV reaches( almost everywhere)
    3. It’s going to roll out LTE before AT&T. For a Data-centric phone connection speed is key

To me it Almost seems like a no brainer that the iphone is going to be on Verizon and when it does come out, I’ll finally be able to point at my blog(this is my first post!) and show off my soon to be amazing track record of predicting Tech Trends.

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