14 May 2009 ~ 4 Comments

New iPhone at WWDC? I’m betting on it

I’m new in the blogging scene, so I might be a little slow at first with giving my predictions. But I have been saying for months that there will be a new iPhone coming out at WWDC, and it will of course come out of Steve Job’s front pocket. So what’s going to be new […]

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01 May 2009 ~ 0 Comments

I’ll get an iPhone When it comes out on Verizon

I’m an iPhone developer and I don’t have an iPhone. I use 2nd gen iPod touch(running iPhone OS, 3.0) and it gets the job done. A lot of times people ask why I don’t have an iPhone and my answer is ” I’ll get an iPhone when it comes out on Verizon, around 2011/2012″. There […]

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