28 March 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Specs don’t show quality.

That’s a comparison of touchscreens of various smart phones. It’s pretty obvious that the iPhone has the best touchscreen. The full results are at http://labs.moto.com/ and they say that

to get it right, gadget-makers have to assemble a variety of critical elements — screen hardware, software algorithms, sensor tuning, and user-interface design, to name but a few — and then refine each component of the stack to deliver the best touchscreen experience possible. It’s a complex and laborious process that requires extremely close collaboration between multidisciplinary teams, as well as a high-level vision for a quality end-user experience.

Here is an example of some specs that you would find on a website. This one is taken from engadget. The chart includes the Droid and the Nexus One. Both phones were in the touchscreen test above. According the to the chart, which one has the best screen?

Tech specs don’t say anything about quality. Look past amount of RAM when buying a computer, and horsepower when getting a car. The things that make something really good or awful are in the details, and that’s never found in the specs.