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Droid’s Got Mail

I mostly use my Gmail amount for emails and since the Droid has a Gmail app, I use that. One of my co-workers wanted to mess around with the Droid because he was thinking of getting one. Well, we use exchange at work so he wanted to see if it will work with my phone. Turns out setting up exchange on the Droid takes about two minutes. There are a couple of places to add the account, go to email then add account or from the home screen, press the menu button, settings, accounts, sync corporate account. and then start filling in the information. I do have to say though that the calendar does not sync with my Droid properly. I looked it up online and it might be a common problem, so it shouldn’t be that hard to fix, but I’m not much of a calendar person anyway so it’s ok.

Yesterday I was at Borders. For some reason that’s my proffered retailer for buying books, opposed to Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. I regularly get emails from them about promotions they have, and as a side note you should never buy a book from Borders for full price because there is ALWAYS a promotion(this one was for 30% off an item). So I go to pay for the book( Art of the Start, Guy Kawasaki) and I don’t have my Borders card but I tell them my email address, and the guy punches that into the system. I also tell the Cashier guy that I know that there is that 30% off coupon going on now and I would like to use it. Now for some reason the guy  says that I actually have to print it out and bring it in, OR I can show it on my smart phone if I have one. That’s kinda strange because it’s not the first time I have bought a book at Borders and usually when I give them my email address they automatically apply the coupon.

Luckily, I have my Droid with me of course. So I go to yahoo mail to log in( I use my yahoo account for junk mail like coupons and such) and I can’t access the account through the Droid browser. Bummer. So I step off the line and see if I can’t set up the yahoo account in the mail app. Yahoo doesn’t allow free POP forwarding so I knew it might be tricky and I might walk out of the store without the book. I google “Droid yahoo mail”click on the first link, which is yahoo answers, follow the instructions and Lo and Behold- It worked!

What really Impressed me was how fast it was to switch between the mail app and browser. The instructions were long so I had to go back and forth a bunch of times. When I would go back into mail it didn’t need to load anything, and I was right were I left off. That’s called multitasking.

So I set up two email accounts in two days, the exchange email works but has it’s kinks, and the yahoo one worked out great. And I set both of them up without using a computer.

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